What to Make With

Welcome to What to Make With! This site has a (soon to be) large database of projects to create out of odd supplies. This site isn't under construction but it will be updated sometimes (hopefully).

Last update was: 2.23.2018

Materials with be listed in bold and tools will be listed in italics and the rest will be in plain text.

What to Make With Howtoons!

Howtoons is a comic series that is literally just a bunch of DIY projects that are relatively easy to do and have awesome results. This is a link to a bunch of their comics that I pulled off the web, yes I have infringed copyright so please don't sue me and instead go buy their books because they're awesome.

What to Make With 2 Liter Soda Bottles

Depending on the project you will need 1 or 2 large soda bottles, duct tape, possibly some PVC pipes and scissors or xacto knife (the knife usually works better and is more precise but with kids around scissors may be moe managable). You can make lots of stuff with soda bottles. Here's a few easy projects to work with, some of which need soda bottles. You can also cut out your own Midly Protective Eyewear out of bottles.

What to Make With PVC Pipes

You will need PVC pipes, conectors, and tape and scissors for the tape, and maybe glue and a hack saw if you're being fancy about it. You can make lots of stuff with PVC. Here's a class on how to work with it. You can make lots of things: marshmallow shooters, weapons, a rocket launch pad, and more. Howtoons has a book full to the brim with maker and DIY comic instuctions. It's probably the best source of easy and awesome projects to make with PVC.

What to Make With A Cardboard Box

LOTS of things! You'll need a cardboard box or two and probably tape, scissor, markers, and maybe a box cutter but with just that you can make a bajillion things! This clip from Arthur might have a few ideas in it: just watch for about a minute or so
Bonus Points:If you are someone who does a lot of cardbboard constuction get some cardboard scissors (yes it's a real thing) and your hands will thank you.
Offical List of Cardboard Box Inventions:

  • TV - cut out one side of a box except for a frame and then stick stuff or yourself and watch the "tv" bonus points for adding a cardboard remote control too.
  • Weaponry - like to weild swords or block attacts with sheilds? make some cardboard weapons and armor and then go fight some dragons or something
  • Time Machines - The flux capcitor never did really work right, surely you can make a better one! Make a time machine big enough to step into and head to the dinosaurs or just make it big enough to hold an iphone and send some Snapchats to an unsuspecting person in the 1920s. Or even insert a notebook and pen and tell someone from the future to write to you. You can also go more literal and make a time capsule instead, though it takes more patience...
  • Secret Hide Out - if your box is big enough this should be managable
  • What to Make With Lots of Apple Juice Cans

    I don't know yet. Unfortunately I don't have something for lots of apple juice cans yet, and I need one. So, if you know how to communicate with me and know a thing to make with lots of apple juice cans please communicate that to me. While I wait for that to happen, however, the interwebs will be sad that there is nothing to make with lots of apple juice cans. :( :( :(