Oh No!

If you have aproached this page one on x things may have happened:

  • You are a wix that doesn't know how to use muggle technology.
    (I recommend heading to pottermore.com for a bit of a less home sick expirence, soon I will add a link to the Magic in Muggle Land: Everything you need to survive in the world of muggle technology.)
  • You are an alien who doesn't know about this planet.
    (I recommend heading to nasa.gov for a bit of info about where you are right now, soon I will be adding a link to An ET's Guide To Here: How to live life comfortably as an alien.)
  • You can't type in urls.
    (I recommend staring at the url until you figure out what you misspelled or until you realize what the meaning of life the universe and everything is or until you solve (2+2)(5+5+2*2)*sqr(9)